Out of the Ashes

She derived from abuse

was made to feel she was of no use

she has scars and nightmares

but one man was acutely aware

of the pain she carried within

none of them were without sin

her family full of sharks

went straight for her heart

they knew she was soft, loving and caring

they’d cursed her with words and watched how she was faring

For 32 years, in the background, I’ve watched and waited

surely this madness will be abated?

No one, not one noticed the guise

that she was the one they truly despised

Marlena, Charity, Grace and Priscilla are always at fault

he’s had enough, they will be put to a halt

they thought to maximize the time and space

to keep Innocence reminded of her place

I should inform her, I’ve worked tirelessly throughout my adolescence

to amass charms, wealth and really great presents

all for the day

when I carry her away

now is the moment, here is my chance

to ask Innocence to join me, in life, this great dance

sometimes our steps will be erratic, a waltz, the foxtrot

but you’ll have me and I you, you’re all I’ve got

so come with me, take my hand and take a great leap

what I can always promise you is that we’ll land on our feet.