Superfluous Nerd

He has all the right answers when it comes to charts and biochemistry.

He can even explain E=MC2 and quantum mechanics.

Just like Shakespeare, he can thread words, superfluous definitions, and expressions to make the lowly scratch their heads.

But what he can not comprehend, is love.

We are simple where he is not.

While we’re out having fun under the stars, he’s approximating when the stars will die. No, he does not approximate, he lives his life in absolutes.

Is it absolutely certain the more he studies, the closer he’ll get to the why?

Doesn’t the why already exist?

You can’t put Him under a microscope and hope to understand how He works.

You can’t see the wind, but you believe it’s all around us.

You can’t touch love, but we feel it when our hearts beats a little faster, blood pumps a little harder.

Life is to be experienced but even you’ve debated that our experiences are not real. That we live in a matrix and all our efforts are for naught.

How about you let me live my life with all the happiness and sorrows that was built for me while you worry about atoms and particles, worry about how to speak over my head with private soliloquies that I care to hear none of.

As for me, let me believe that there is good left in the world, that we are engineered to do right instead of wrong, even though something went awry in the process. Let me believe that love can’t be measured under a lens.

I’d rather be human than have all the answers yet none at all.

©privatethoughtsmadepublic. 2016.