I’m no one, I do not exist. They’ve forgotten about me.

Lies, endless lies drove me into the night!

Bridges, sidewalks and alleys have become my home.

I’m a stain in the existence of the new humanity.

They’ve judged me carelessly, made themselves jury and executioners

slicing my soul with their verdict.

Guilty…on the count of loving!

Guilty…on the count of trusting!

Guilty…on the count of living a genuine life!

Treacherous behavior reigns supreme,

no compassion for the wounded.

“Off to the gallows with you, you filthy loving human!”

There’s no room for flesh when synthetic has improved the quality of life.

They have improved upon heartlessness,

lawlessness and the wonderful entrapments of anarchy.

They kill the beating heart,

slice the vein of flowing blood.

They do not understand

because they do not feel

they can not feel