Love Is (I Am)

Is love what we wear around our neck?

North, South, East & West

My only son paid the ultimate price for you

I allowed my son to be beaten beyond recognition for you

I allowed my son to be nailed up on a cross for you

I allowed them to place a crown of thorns through my son’s skull for you

They pierced his side, spat on him, called him names for you

Even as MY ONLY SON hung there he cried out “God forgive them they know not what they do.”

Forgive…forgive…forgiveness I gave

Even in that you still turned your back on me

I forgave

I have mercy

I give grace

You say you hate me

What have I ever done to you except love you?

I continue to bleed for you, grieve over you

You know not of my love because you don’t know ME

I’ve loved you then just as I love you now

You ask “why Lord are you so hard on ME?”

I tell you I have to be if I want to get the best out of you

I only mean to build you up in MY WAY

So no one and nothing will be able to tear you down

The more I polish you, the brighter you will shine

I need everyone to see my love and I’m going

To use you to get the job done

For those who don’t know


No piece of tacky metal could ever replace me

Because I’m one of a kind