The Space Between

The space between you and me

count one, two, three

Let us be

as one planted tree

down by the sea

for all to see.

Roots grip

coffee trip

in a haze

counting the days

Eyes wide

as we abide-

wait, what was I saying again?

Ah, the space, the space…

yes the space

There’s too much, yet so little

sunlight shining dim in loud

neon rays

The space between you and me

how did it come to be?

So natural

so mute


it’s moot

pointless to pinpoint

back at me

kneeling down

as you wear the crown

they see blindly, eyes wide

shut, that you and me

will always be

far apart

back at the start

when everything mattered

but now are in tatters

mended by an inky night

full of red wine and dark chocolate

I am the dark chocolate, that makes you taste better

bitter without me, can’t you see?

Let’s go back to the beginning, on that windy morning

when you said hi and I said goodbye…

I turned and saw you standing in awe, as you should be

you never thought you’d find someone like me

me who knotted your heart, roped your veins

scrambled your thoughts

Here’s to you, that you never forget about me

I who can’t forget about you as I drain this

last glass of red wine.

Stained tongue, bruised heart, back at the start of an

endless night, plastered at my window staring

at the white ball in the sky.

How does it do that, the moon?

Just hang there…



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