Be Still

Your name always brings a smile to my face

and knots to my heart

Somehow you became my ace

from the very start.

The wheels of loneliness spin in your vision

a blue grin cast downward, eyelashes beat against pale hollow cheeks

Three years I’ve invested in this mission

of saving you from your weak weeks.

Of dull silence and sharp tongues; terror by day and false peace by night

They all claimed they knew you, understood you but when you put that gun to your head

you gave them a terrible fright

Thinking you’d wind up dead.

They had no earthly idea of the pain you carried, how you felt day in and day out

How much it took to suppress the demons inside

When all your soul pressed you to shout

but all they gave you were cold callous snide.

Remarks of get over it, just be happy, it’s not that hard, life can’t be that bad!

Fear mutes heightened resentment, bitterness, strife and anger

And reduced you to a never ending tide of madness, egad!

Remembering all those long hot nights of languor.

Drags you to me, a place where you can lay your head and rest your mind

the haunting ghosts in your eyes ebb back into its resting place

as I pay you back in kind

for all those times you unknowingly made my heart race.