Silver Fox

Nothing’s more beautiful than the wrinkles at the corner of your eyes when you smile.

Silver hair kisses the edges of your temples, creeping its wiry path to the nape of your neck.

You are timeless yet full of time.

Wisdom flows through your lips quenching my thirst like an oasis to a desert.

Your eyes are full of secrets, mirroring my desire and your need.

Don’t hide your badge of honor in search of false youth.

You don’t need to touch up what’s perfectly tailored just for you.

You have what others don’t quite possess.

Pay no mind to the clock buried deep within your flesh ticking away.

You are the moments that I can’t get back.

I lose and gain time peeling back the layers you keep hidden away, afraid that one day, I’ll you leave you like the rest.

Set your mind and heart at ease because I’m not going anywhere. You had me before you realized it.

So, cheers to days past and those that come anew so we can set our sight on a view of me and you.