Tied & Knotted

Tied and knotted are my feelings for you,

it is something that I just can’t undo.

Heartstrings plucked and strung,

knowing you’re the only one

who can turn me inside out.

Inside out, right side up

an abruptness about to erupt.

Left side down, outside in it begins again

and again until I begin to spin.

Out of control my soul leaps at the sight of you

doing what you only know how to do.

You are the morning star, a breath of fresh air,

my heart you won’t spare, not even on a dare.

Whimsical me, naive to believe,

that you would never leave me

in a puddle of your glory

even the more I worry.

Love can never be tidy, wrapped in a wintergreen bow,

even to show just how far one will go

to stay together but so far apart

standing in the dark.

Tied and knotted are my feelings for you,

and I realize no other person will ever do.