Bricks & Mortar

Bricks and mortar is what I’ve used to build my defenses.
Bricks-your actions, mortar-your words I’ve built around me to keep you out.
I’ve perfected the art of distance, so much so that I’ve entombed myself.
What’s kept you out has kept me in and I don’t know how to begin again.
Trapped, engulfed in darkness, pounding, kicked, scratching, screaming for someone to knock down my walls.
I hear faint voices on the other side.
“Here I am.” I cry.
No one can hear me, it’s no use. I’ll die in this state.
Collapsing, my knees scrape the earth.
Time is running out; shallow breathes hitch, growing fainter by the second.
I throw my head back to look up into nothingness; pitch black.
Ethereal hands reach for me, to consume me and I give myself over to their will just as I hear scraping.
It calls my attention as hands loom over me, pulling me to my final descent.
Their grip tightens over my shoulders, arms, and legs.
“Is there anyone there?” I call out in a faint voice.
The scraping continues.
I can no longer move.
Suddenly, a nickels worth of light shines through.
Darkness loosens its grip, jerks back and recedes into the shadows… waiting.
Crawling towards the light, I put my eye to the hole and find a lone blue one staring back, blinking.
“Are you okay, do you need help?”
“Yes..please help me.”
“Okay. You’re going to be fine. Move away from the wall, I’m going to break an opening and pull you through. It’s going to take me a while, but I’m going to get you out. Are you ready?”
©privatethoughtsmadepublic. 2015.

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