Aging: The Battle

Another year older and you’ve invested in Nair

Because you don’t want to pluck another chin hair

You go to the Salon for a pick me up only for the

Stylist to ask “Do you know you have a white strand of hair?”

You leave feeling worse than how you felt at first

So you head to the nearest mall and find a rack of dresses

And you go in the dressing room to try it on only to

Discover you’ve gained another 5lbs. and can’t pull the

Dress down over you waist

You turn to the mirror helplessly looking at yourself

One arm hanging over your head and the other at your side

When suddenly you notice yourself scanning over your

Body through the mirror and thinking “Man this light sure is harsh.”

There is another mirror behind you and the light is illuminating all

The cellulite your body has to offer

God why do I look like a beat up potato and a smooshed toaster

Strudel that morphed into what’s now my body?

Ageing is likened to that old Chevy you’ve had for twenty years

With all the dings and dents, but it’s still going

If we all live a long life we will look like a dehydrated potato

Embrace it because you certainly can’t get away from it