The only way I felt alive was on a bet

to put a gun to my head and play Russian Roulette.

The thrill of steel possibly rushing through my brain

at close range

sent me on a high,

yes, I was willing to die.

I’ve tempted fate to boredom

now it was time to look into whoredom.

I performed death defying acts

right here on my back!

Until you walked into a cafe

and greeted me, saying have a nice day.

Who are you and what’s your game

to this man with no name?

We see each other in passing

and he was mine for the asking.

I couldn’t let him get away

so now I must say

he took me in as a woman

and showed me proper lovin’.

He turned me right side in

and freed me from my sin.

Now I know what being alive is

it’s all about me being his.