On the side of a back road

is where I lost my soul

to have and to hold

until chained to the days of old.

They dug into the treasury and bid me away

like a child bride with nothing to say

a mismatched perversion

a filthy conversion

all for the currency

to have a healthy piece of me.

Who would have ever thought I was born to her

like Jesus to Mary, frankincense and myrrh

I have no mother!

and it hurt like no other

I the offended should be paid restitution

over this shoddy resolution.

There had to be a way

to make it another day

he watches me day and night

there’s no more wrong and there’s no more right.

He rips me apart with no truer words

no one would want me, I’m trapped like a caged bird

this was the lot I was handed

and I grudgingly did as he commanded.