Fresh and sweet, my life I opened up to you. You tasted my nectar and was in pure bliss.

You said no one you’ve ever met tasted like me. You said I tasted exotic, like passion fruit on a hot summer’s night. A hint of mystery like an alley cat melding into inky shadows.

My lips supple, the taste of cotton candy. You know the one, the mixed kind with blue and pink blended together.

You said I was beautiful when we were thread together bare.

You promised that night we lay entwined, swaying in the hammock, you’d never leave me. Leave me like everyone else had.

Swinging back and forth listening…to us.

You swore to love and cherish me when I gained those few pounds, but those few pounds turned out to be a hidden seed of light.

You promised to hold my hand every step of the way as I brought another life into existence.

Before I met you, I was a flower that never bloomed, hidden in darkness.

You came one spring day as I was perplexed on which ice cream I wanted from an ice cream truck. You said my brows furrowed as if I was contemplating the meaning of life.

I smiled.

You chose the waffle bowl; two scoops of mint chocolate chip and two scoops of vanilla ice cream topped with pistachios and chocolate shavings. I thought it was a weird combination, but you told me to live a little.

You asked if I minded sharing the waffle bowl, with two plastic spoons of course.

That day you told me it was okay, okay to be myself. You took my hand and never let it go.

That was the day I opened my petals, that I went into full bloom all because you chose me from rocky soil and planted me in the richness of your love.