Would You Mind?

Would it scare you to know exactly what I feel for you?

Would you think it strange that I’ve stayed true

even though there never will be an us?

Would you think it obsessive

to check every message

that’s not there?

How would you feel to know when I look into your eyes

with each smile, it’s my hearts demise?

I love you like a gentle rain to thirsty flower roots

Like a thief his loot.

The more I take you in, the more I need

like a lion, his feed.

Would you mind if I love you this way

on the day-to-day

without a word to say

come what may?

I’ll love you like they did in simpler times

when love never costed a dime

when it was safe to get lost in fields of sunflowers all summer long

losing all sense of right and wrong.

When we’re older, would you mind doing this all over again

in the cabin by the lake

playing as we did when we were ten

spending nights under the stars, making my body ache?