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I know I don’t blog much, but yesterday I watched a new movie Will Smith is in and it’s called Bright. Before I saw it, I came across quite a few articles where critics panned the movie. I gave the movie an honest try, and I liked it. It gave an honest view of our current climate when it comes to race. The movie is set in a kind of alternate universe, if you will, where Orcs, fairies and humans apparently don’t get along and are suspicious of one another. Joel Edgerton plays officer Nick Jakoby who also happens to be an orc. Will Smith plays Daryl Ward, a cop and whose of the human race. Throughout the movie, we have Orcs hating on their own kind, the whole cop division discriminating against an Orc who happens to be a cop (Jakoby).

Art imitates life, no?

Is this not what’s going on in the good ole US of A? Do cops not gun down innocent people? Or how about their own? This post is not about bashing the police and such but more so about the emphasis that’s put on our physical or cultural difference. Why does it really matter what our skin tone is, why is it so off-putting? And what’s the fear associated with it? There’s also the theme of choice, or allegiance. If you’re not faithful to one side, then you’re an enemy of the other.

Meanwhile, we have the magical elf police trying to prevent the end of the world as they know it. There’s this magic wand that everyone wants. This wand grants the wish of anyone who touches it…well not really. You see, you have to a certain type of person or elf to hold that wand, if not, you explode into fine dust.

The point here is, they had something that could change the world, and everybody wants a piece of it. We may all want the same thing, but we want things shaped in the way we want it.

So, we have these race wars, we have all this fear but the one thing we have in common is drive to change. On the other side we have evil people trying to destroy the world. Do we come together and institute world peace or do we let our desires and hatred kill or enslave us?

What’s more important to you? The color of someone’s skin or the content of their character? Who will you listen to, manufactured statistics or the man sitting next to you? Does choosing sides mean you’re not choosing a side? Whatever happened to neutrality? Why must we align ourselves with one group? And who made these stupid rules? We are not one, but made up of many people, from generations past. If I am you and you are me, aren’t we the same person? So, what’s with the separation? We are really not all that foreign to one another. We all need the basics to live, so it makes me ask the question, what is our foundation built on?

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4 thoughts on “Netflix’s: Bright

  1. I was at a sleepover this weekend too, and we watched it. Didn’t finish it though, I fell asleep. I mean I could predict the ending (the good always win) but it was a bit too graphic for me. But I will say I felt it addressed what I know America to be, especially to anyone who’s not Caucasian. I wonder if it will make people think more or it will just be entertainment to them…
    Great review though, Lady Patience

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    • Bright was child’s play compared to The Punisher, which I have my own thoughts on. As for causing people to think more… it’s difficult to shine a light on what people think doesn’t exist. And in their world, it may not. The stuff that I watch is pretty much true to life. Have you seen Avatar? There were all kinds of messages in that movie but people labeled it racist which wasn’t really the point of the movie in my opinion.

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      • No, unfortunately, I haven’t seen either of the other movies you’ve mentioned. Not really my genre. I like my sleep peaceful (haha). But I guess them labeling it as racist may have been a defense mechanism, maybe?
        That’s so true, being unable to shine a light on what people think doesn’t exist. Sad, but true

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      • People pick the easiest label so they don’t have to critically think. I’m not a fan of those types of people or mindset. But, thank you for sharing your thoughts. It’s always interesting to know what someone’s foundation is and what they chose to build on it.

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