The Metro Chronicles

March 31, 2017

Again, nothing unusual. It’s a crisp morning. As I look around, earbuds fill my vision. Strangers walk pass listening to what? I have no clue. But doesn’t it strike you as odd that we don’t like to be talked to? No? Maybe it’s because we’re preparing ourselves for the onslaught of demands and rude verbiage that’ll easily pass through rotten lips like a worm through an apple. They eat us from the inside out and music, noise is our only defense.


One thought on “The Metro Chronicles

  1. A lovely post once again. I know for a fact that I always wear my earbuds to keep from being hit on or harassed while I prepare myself for the possibility of both things happening at work.

    But to think more deeply about it, I always found it funny that while we don’t like to be approached — or rather are afraid to — we try so hard to connect when we are online. Physically pushing people far away while making connections through wires and signals. Weird huh.

    Sorry I haven’t breezed through in such a long time. Was prepping for Camp Nanowrimo! But I’ll be catching up and commenting more often here! Keep writing! Always a pleasure!


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