The Metro Chronicles

March 30, 2017

Nothing unusual. Hot breath and the stench of alcohol greets me as I step through the doors of the Metro. Special Love just got on the bus. I think they belong to a rehab center. Another woman who I believe belongs to a rehab center just boarded. She’s heavyset, a goomba. She drives you crazy with this clicking, smacking, sucking sound. She’s relentless.
Connected to another bus. There is a light skinned woman with earbuds in her ears rocking away to the beat. Her lips are turned up tuned into the flow and she’s​ sporting two strand twists. She looks like Doug. You know that cartoon character with a rather pronounced nose? Yep, that Doug. Her torso is popping away and the occasional English language passes through her lips. I think she’s having a good morning.​


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