Brown Eyes & Scars

Brown eyes upon blue life

living two lives in one body

they ask me to choose,

producing twisted answers

questioning my existence.

The only peace I’ve got

is on the board, catching

the waves however they

may come.

Scars are left as testimonies by

the cutting away of my character,

the questioning of my allegiance.

Funny, neither side wanted me

unless it’s for their pet project

of filling me with hate and


how much can she take before


On one side of the track, broad smiles

are meant to beguile, make you believe,

to open your heart-

only to hear whispers and sinister

snickers from the throats

of saints in the pews.

You gotta watch those devils

and protect what purity you have left.

The opposing side, well, they’re folks

you can at least appreciate, their candid nature.

I prefer fists to candy coated lies

and backbiters.

Pick your poison, as it were.

While society tried ripping me in two,

I held fast.

I realized I didn’t have to choose-

to be the light and the dark.

I’m both and what a wonder,

a miracle that is.

Where they see with one eye,

I have two.

I’ve lived double the life they

negotiate God to extend.

Who’s been on the winning side after all?

©privatethoughtsmadepublic. 2017.

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