Truncated Fairytale


I waited for him by the old sacred tree, but he never showed.

The lie he told me was quite too bold.

Ancient Crykee smirked

with great mirth

showing me her evil worth.

She said her twigged friends altered his path

but he’ll never do the math.

Wandering in circles, and twisted lanes

will come to naught for a man with no brains

He fought to attain

the smile of the stranger with no name.

She’d previously crossed his path, sad and remorseful

searching for a touch of happiness

even just a morsel.

He swore to himself he’d get to her, no matter what it took

but he found himself lost in a book.

Under a strange tree, he thought formed words

“Listen, stay, of these words you’ve heard,”

Stumped,he looked at the tree

and yelped aloud, “it’s looking at me.”

Of course I am, 

for you will be damned,

if you ever try to look for her,

you’ll go crazy, and memories will become a blur.

She is one of us, rooted and lonely she’ll stay

a wizard put her under a spell on a bright noonday

he devised a plan to take her away from us

partly because of his insatiable lust.”

“But she is my heart, I gave her that red wrap

if you keep opposing me, all it takes is a snap

to separate you from the Sister’s Twigs

now I’ll be on my way watch me dance this jig.”

©privatethoughtsmadepublic. 2017.

Picture Prompt: piggie4299 @


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