The Prince’s Throne Usurped

He never saw it coming

no way to prepare

his eyes were as black as his soul;

no way that he could spare

a loving smile that creases in full glow

like coals burning bright with one blow

of fresh air to a pair of collapsed lungs.

Ashes of a thousand obliterated dreams

blows through his nostrils, his heart

bleeds molten lava over all the broken

promises, empty confessions of love that

she uttered to him again and again, and all

the false starts he made in hopes of a fresh start.

Time had served him cold lumpy grits, tepid murky water,

a charred t-bone steak then taunted him to make due.

Time likes to think it knows all, but he’s

been full off the bones of the dead, devoured

visions of the blind and made music on

the throats of the mute.

He had suffered this long

so let bygones be bygones

and sing another song

of an eternity too long.

He had become the souls of many

the Devil bought for a penny

but even the Tormentor had to back up and confess

that even he needed a day of rest

to figure out just what he had created

but it was on this day that it-

a horn sounded and by some miracle, the Devil fell

packed up his things and left Hell speeding to Heaven and rang the doorbell

citing a new Prince arose and stole his throne

but God never gives the Darkside a bone.

The King said only God can help you now,

but for a small fee,

do what you were originally created to do, get on your knees and bow.

He couldn’t do it, he just couldn’t do it!

But he had nowhere to go, no place to sit

playing God hadn’t been what’s it’s crack up to be

people think it’s a real big hit.

So the Devil slithered back to the entrance of his cave

knocked, whispered and waved

trying to capture the dark soul’s attention

and not to mention

his wife

whose taken interest in this new life

she didn’t even have the decency to be ashamed

he should have cast her aside lame and maimed.

The Tempter curtsied and offered a proposition

that had never truly been in his evil disposition

he’d give back everything that he stole, this time it was no lie

if this dark soul went bye bye.

The dark soul agreed but threatened one vow

he’d return and the Devil would never know how

if he so much as reneged on his deal

for him- his life would not get a repeal

he’d burn in the lake of fire God so graciously extended

now he needed a nap, playing the Devil left him winded!

©privatethoughtsmadepublic. 2017.


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