Love When the Sun Goes Down


I’m at home laying on your chest listening to your heartbeat.Your kisses are facsimile of the last, never straying yet always searching in the deep to unearth hidden jewels. Your arms embrace me like a doting mother around her newborn always protective ready to strike down any threat that comes too close.When you looked at me, you saw past my pain and took me on. You said I was more than an inferno of twisted emotions, and cesspool of hurt and fear. Somehow you found the good in me when I thought there was none. Most days we stand just as we are now watching the sun fade, hiding itself away giving way to shining stars punching through a velvet sky. I’ve never wished on a star or tossed coins in a fountain to pray to some strange god but if I had, my one wish would be to live and die at your side as the sunset before our eyes. 

© privatethoughtsnadepublic.2017.


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