Dizzy Up the Girl


When I left, I didn’t look back

kept on walking, how I went the distance

his love was all a tragic comedy act

yet, I was enamored with his smile in an instant.


A fool I was, trusting his warm embrace

promises of a new life, and brighter days

I shined like the morning sun

with a quickened pace.


It was all so right, I flew so high never thinking my newborn wings would be clipped

but this thing called love is a dizzying thing

it shoots you to the moon like a hot cup of coffee sipped,

like a choir director leading Sunday worship- Sing!


Now I can’t make out anything, everything I thought I knew is now distorted

terminated like a nine-month pregnancy that was almost seen through

It’s too bad we didn’t last; this mission aborted

but I’ll forever be a Wandering Jew.



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