Bump in the Night


I awoke dazed and confused on moss and twig covered ground. Trees pierce foggy skies offering me a lit path to find my way. Fine warm soil crawls up between my toes and I look around wondering if I’m still dreaming. Is this all a bad dream? Will I be cut down unsuspected? I’ve seen the T-1000 materialize from nowhere only for victims to fall prey to a poly alloy metal shiv running them through, sometimes through the face. What kind of creature is hunting me? Does it blend with the trees or is it under my feet like a shag carpet waiting to roll me up and drag me into the deep? Eyes alert, I accidentally step on a branch, snapping it in two. Crows caw and a growl emanated through the forest, it’s close, too close, I run aimlessly colliding into a tree, blacking out. The last thing I feel is razor-sharp claws, dragging my listless body over the scruffy forest floor. Play dead, just play dead, I tell myself.

©privatethoughtsmadepublic. 2016.


14 thoughts on “Bump in the Night

  1. OMG, You scared me too. What a nightmare !!
    Recently I’ve been doing a lot of funny things in my sleep. My partner tells me so! Like I am forever, giving lecture to someone, with a pointed finger, or jumping out of my skin with a sudden noise, or hitting my face and then crying out !!……………ha ha ha ha ha………………Must be Fun watching me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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