Humanity on the Brink| Consequences and Redemption

Xandria learned what true fear was, what love meant, wrapped up into two children, her own. She had been constantly scared that at any moment, her sons who be stripped from arms. She cried and trembled the first five years. If Magnus hadn’t stayed by her side, she knew without a doubt she’d be dead. She loved her boys so, they took after their father. Quick to anger, yet constantly aware, observant.

By the tenth year, Talonius visited their humble home disguised as a lowly wanderer.

“It’s time for you to return to your place.”

“I can’t go back.”


“I have two sons, and a husband.”

“Leave them behind. You said you wanted to come home, so let’s leave.”

“I’m not leaving my family. I don’t care if you leave me in this cursed body, but I won’t leave no matter what.”

“You dare defy me?”


“Hmmm. Good answer.” Talonius smiled and gave his farewells.

“You defied the Ancient One, twice, and lived to tell the story. It’s made me quite excited. Care to create baby number three?”

“You’re out of your mind Magnus!” she laughed.

“Maybe. Bedroom. Five minutes.”


©privatethoughtsmadepublic. 2016.


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