A visit to Nelson-Atkins Museum

I haven’t posted here in a while. I have been writing, just never got around to adding it here. Today is a beautiful day. Normally I would’ve stayed inside the whole weekend but I decided to get out and take a walk. The walk turned into going to an art museum. I went last year around this time and they had some interesting pieces outside, but I never went inside to check things out.

Today I did. I spent, oh, say, two and a half hours there. It was the place to be apparently. I saw at least five different couples taking pictures in fancy clothing. Looked like they will be marrying soon. So, I went inside Nelson Atkin’s and looked around, the theme was anything that surrounded Jesus and Christianity. There were Egyptian pieces as well in different areas, and I believe some English pieces. I took some pictures as well.

These two pictures captured my attention the most. The first one is obvious. When I first saw it, my thoughts were, “Women are dangerous!” and “Could you even imagine having your head chopped off because of some crazy woman?” The poor king had to abide by his word even though he liked John the Baptist. The moral of the story is, be careful what you promise women, you just may end up regretting it. The second picture drew me in because of how large it was! I  have no idea what it represented or who sculpted it, but it is beautiful.

There were oil paintings from…the English era, I believe. Take a look.

These are Madonna and the Children or something close to it and the one in the middle, Juan-Auguste-Dominique Ingres and the last is a woman named Diane de la Vaupaliere, Comtesse de Langeron. Here’s more about her…


Overall, this trip was better than the first time I visited the museum. I’ll keep going back to see what they have different than the last. Here are the rest of the pictures I took. I hope you all had a productive day and hopefully, I’ll see you soon.


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