Humanity on the Brink|Informal Greetings


“Hello father, it’s good to see you after all this time.” she seethed coolly.

“Xandria, you dare stand before me in that wretched forbidden body?”

“It’s a good look don’t you think?” she challenged.

“I’ve scoured lands over for you. It’s time you came back.”


“I’ve had enough of your childish behavior. You will come back with me dead or alive.”

“You tried to kill me once before, or don’t you remember?”

“We warned you what would happen if you delved into the forbidden.”

“Practicing human craft? Existing isn’t enough. Exploration is meant to be tasted.”

“This land and inhabitants in it will burn should you deny me, child.”

“I am not a child, Xiere.”


The ground began to quake, chipped rocks flopped back and forth like fish fresh out of water. Hooves beat the sky and quickly settled on the earth. Out of a golden carriage stepped forth a warrior and a diminutive yet graceful woman.

“Trespassers. You shall pay with your lives.”

“Who are you?”

“My parents.” Magnum injected.

“Son, what is the meaning of this and who are these strange people?”

“She is Xandria and he is her father, Xiere.”

“I have no business with you, I’m here for my daughter.”

“Then take her and leave.”

“Xandria isn’t going anywhere.”

“Eirik, my love, let me handle this before needless bloodshed occurs. Ms. Xandria, come, follow me.”

With every step, Magnus’ crimson eyes never left her body.

“You’re human.”

“I am. But right now my son is ready to kill. You can always tell; his eyes glow fire red.”

“And what do you think you can do about it?”

“He inherited his father’s temper, always ready for a fight. I came along with my husband to keep the peace, as it were.”

“Humans ought not interfere with the living.”

“If you don’t want a war, you need to heed my words.”

“I can’t die. I’m not mortal like you.”

“I’ll not lose my son to a silver-tongued devil.”

“Now, now. No need to be rude.”

©privatethoughtsmadepublic. 2016.

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