Humanity on the Brink| Daddy Calls


Their bodies slick with sweat; she flipped over onto her side

propping an arm up to cradle her head.

“She-devil, like I thought.”

“You’re not fully human. Why do you identify with the weak?”

Pushing himself from the bed, drifted toward the back of the cabin, floorboards protesting under his weight then exited out the door. Xandria followed, silently padding footsteps over the cold wooden floor then stopped, leaning against the jamb watching the half-breed dump buckets of water over his naked frame. Thoroughly washed clean, he approached Xandria, pushing her tighter against the frame.

“You got what you wanted. Had enough?”

“Not yet. What’s your name?”


Magnus’s eyes were the clearest electric blue she had ever seen. Transparent intent mirrored in his piercing gaze, he wasn’t one to shirk away from battles and she could tell he fully intended on waging war with anyone, any god that stood in his way. A rumble echoed through the land as a deep foreboding voice sliced through the sky.

“Xandria.” called the voice. A blinding light ripped the sky in two leaving no room for shadows to hide.

“That faceless entity you plan to fight is my father, Xiere. Come, why don’t we meet him. Should be fun.”

A slow laugh rumbled in Magnus’s chest. Women always involved risk and the cost of many lives and his own was no exception. She was trouble he was most definitely looking forward too. They dressed in silence not hiding heated glances at one another. Xandria dressed first then opened the door and stepped out.

“Yes, yes father I know, you’re angry.”

An inferno of fire fell from the sky torching everything in its path.

Daddy was not a happy god, she cheekily surmised.

©privatethoughtsmadepublic. 2016.

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