What happened to the time when people took pride in what they looked like? What do I mean? This is what has been plaguing my eyes for the longest, many woman I see dress like street-walkers, men are still sagging their pants and why don’t I see decent haircuts? I’m old enough to remember when men wore suits even if they weren’t going anywhere and women wore skirts and dresses just to relax on the porch.

What happened to the time where men dressed like men and women dressed like women? Now we have to guess and by God we better get it right or else we’ve just offended someone. We have men who behave way too feminine and women who behave manly. Something has gone terribly wrong. Nobody has a place anymore, whatever goes.

Even morality is at an all time low. I didn’t dare raise a hand to my mother when I was a child, I may have thought to do it but never acted because I knew there was a plot and a tombstone waiting for me if I ever did such a foolish thing. My mother put the fear of God and her in us and it’s beyond me why parent’s haven’t kept up discipline.

It’s amazing to see in a grocery store, five and six-year olds punking their parents! When we accompanied my mother to the store, this is what she said, “Don’t touch nothing, don’t look at nothing and don’t ask for nothing, cause you ain’t getting it.” Kids these days fall out in the middle of the aisle. In the aisle, people! And the parent is embarrassed. Seriously? Again my mother told us on those rare occasions when we tried to pull a stunt like that, “If you don’t pull it together, I’m going to give you something to cry about. Fix your face.” And to this day, though I’m an adult, she says if I embarrass her she’ll embarrass me. Why? Because I’m a reflection of her. When we see a child running around acting crazy, hair not combed, the first thing we think or ask is, “where is that child’s mother?” The father is the last person we think about, if ever.

I also remember once when my mother and I was at the store, I was maybe, nine or ten years old and we both witnessed this kid go berserk because the mother told him no. My mother looked down and me and said, “don’t even try it.” The thought hadn’t crossed my mind, but if it had, she let me know early, she wasn’t going to put up with that kind of tomfoolery.

What happened to parenting? When was it okay to be friends with your children? I wasn’t a bad child per se, I got a whooping here and there and deserved each and every one of them. Now parents are too afraid to discipline their children because the kids know they can call 911. My mother covered the basis of 911. She said if we ever got her locked up we better not be at home and we better be at the house by the time she made it back. Wrap your head around that one!

Kids won’t have these kinds of stories and it’s the parents fault. It’s far better to discipline your kids before the police get to them. They may not make it out alive. We can’t leave television, teachers and law enforcement to raise them. It’s not their job. It’s a sad dilemma the state of family is in.


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