Winter’s Bane

It’s the end. I told him I couldn’t live without him, pleaded even. But he left me in favor of a stick thin model. Typical. Blonde. Blue eyes. Over sized rack. Bleached teeth. Tanned skin that could only be fried in a bed of UV rays. I invested five years of my life into this man, into our relationship. He even proposed to me a year ago. I don’t know what changed but it’s the end for me. I’ll make him suffer the memory of our last meeting. He hated it when I cried. That was his weakness, tears. He would have broke if he watched me any longer crying tears of sorrow over him. Tonight’s a good night to let it all go. Standing naked before this frigid lake, I shiver in anticipation. I wish I could be alive when he gets the news of my recovered and well preserved corpse. I’d die a thousand times to watch him shatter into a million peaces.

So it begins.

And so it ends.


*I’ve concluded this years Seasons Series. Now tell me what the theme(s) are? Can you spot it/them?

©Copyright privatethoughtsmadepublic. 2016.


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