A Random Musing

The storm is brewing, the powers that be are stirring the pot, they play two ends against the middle knowing if they push hard enough, stir long enough we will turn on each other, exploding from the inside out while they laugh at us.

You think it’s about race? Class? Economics? Nah, it’s all about that Martial Law. Power and control is the name of the game and only for the elite. It’s quite easy really, most of us have already dumbed down, you believe what they tell you on the waves.

I hate to say that none of this is an accident. They’ve planned this a long time ago, waiting for that sweet spot to unleash unrepentant chaos and sorrow on us. There’s always one group that is made an example of. They’ve studied our ways, they know our pattens.

They know what to do, what to say, how hard to push until we snap. They are doing these things to us; I ask you, how long before it’s your turn?


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