Feeling Inspired


I’m not sure why this picture came out the way it did when the sky is an orange color, but hey, it’s beautiful nonetheless. Today was a good day. Nothing special happened, it was just an easy day. I filled up some virtual pages with internet ink and I’m proud that I produced something that may be marketable one day.

Looking at this picture stirs my imagination. The sky is so serene and inviting and makes me believe that there’s something better for me in this collapsing world. If I have an obsession, taking pictures of the sky is it. I also snapped this picture below…


My neighborhood doesn’t even look real to me. It used to be drug and gang infested but surprisingly the dope boys weren’t near as bad as society leads you to believe. My family and I used to feed those guys, especially around the fourth of July. One thing one of the guys mentioned is that everyone was scared of them except for us, a house full of females. They hate that about people, who fear for no reason at all and prejudge. Even with all the dope selling and police stalking the streets, things were actually fun. I don’t miss the ruckus that went on day and night, but I do miss the people. Some died in the streets, others are spending time in prison, and those who listened as my mother “preached” to them are changed people. I run into the guys from the block from time to time. They’re married with kids and work honest jobs!

There’s no particular reason for this post except to talk. I was just remembering old times, the good, bad and the ugly. I remember where I used to be, where I’ve come from to get to the place where I am now. Life can be mind-blowing sometimes. I started from elementary school to college! That’s an accomplishment to take in stride. As a person who loathes standing speaking in front of people, I was given the opportunity to teach a class at my old community college as a student worker. That was a big deal and a bit nerve wrecking in that moment, but all went well.

Overall I’ve grown as a mature adult who wouldn’t trade abuse, depression, self-doubt for the person I’ve become. It was all worth it. We’re all shaped by something, it’s just a matter if you’ll let it shape you in a negative way. I still have much growing up and out to do and I feel light knowing I’m closer to fulfilling my purpose. I’ll let God do His thing and move on with life. So, I hope you lovely ladies and gentlemen had a wonderful, peaceful day. Was good talking to you.



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