A Bitter End

The one thing I’ll always regret is believing that you loved me.

You took my innocence and threw it back in my face laughing at a goal completed.

My shame is crimson and black like a deadly black widow.

It’s tattooed on my memory, that night. I’m afraid all the others are just like you, a beast ready to devour to sate his hunger.

Our paths crossed again and you acted as if nothing had happened. You asked when you could see me again.

I stand appalled as another dagger pierces and rips my mended heart in two. I say you won’t ever, can’t ever hurt me like last time.

This time, you will die by my hands.

Surely you’ll fall into my web spun with malice.

Die like you killed me

that night.

No one will hear you scream, not even God.

 ©Copyright privatethoughtsmadepublic. 2016.


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