Safe in the Arms of Death (Epilogue)

Who would have thought that a woman I rescued from a bitter death would have turned out to be my wife? It’s been three years now and Mika has given me two gift, twin sons who are a little more that two and a half years of age. Caleb and Ryland came into the world fast and they are moving at the speed of light for such tiny bodies. We also have another baby on the way–this time a girl.

Jett was prosecuted and found guilty of more than just the things he did to Mika. Turns out a neighbor who lives across the street from Mika had been recording Jett’s presence at Mika’s old home. He’d broken in many times, he even left behind physical evidence of him beating off to Mika’s panties. After the neighbor heard about him being prosecuted, she gave the recordings to the police department and threatened if they lost the evidence on the USB stick that she had another. There also were charges of Jett framing and raping a few of the male criminals he had previously put away. So, it’s more than safe to say that Mika won’t ever have to worry about Jett, word has it his manhood was taken from him and has been repeatedly violated until he snapped. Guards found him hanging from his cells. What a bad way to go, but we get what we give out in this life.

I find myself counting my blessings each morning. I can never replace my old life with the new but I’d be doing the deaths of my loved ones a disservice  by not living and finding happiness. I think they’d be proud of me and approve of the choices I’ve made. I also decided to his Special Forces the axe, there’s no way I can leave my family behind, even to secure the safety of this country. My first and only priority is to my family. Don’t take this as retirement, I’m just inactive, always inactive.

When I’m not working, Mika, the kids and I spend most of our time in the hammock staring up at blue skies with occasional clouds littering our vision while Caleb and Ryland climb all over us gurgling with laughter. There’s no greater sound I want to hear than my children’s and face I want to wake up to than Mika’s. I guess one could say I’ve hit the lottery and I can’t argue with that!


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