Safe in the Arms of Death (5)

I was sitting at the bar in this strip club when I was approached by a tight bodied vixen. Our eyes connected as soon as I walked through the door. She’d been on a pole doing some tricks and shakin’ her tits. As she stood next to me whispering in my ear, she reeked of cheap perfume, that matched her cheap body.

“I saw you as you were walking through the door and I had to come talk to you.”

“Yeah I saw you too.”

“How about we go somewhere private.”

“I’m married.”

“I don’t see a band on your finger.” I detest opportunistic women, they are only in if for themselves. Her slithering all over me is beginning to make me itch.

“Why should I grant you the best night of your life?”

“You’ll find out if you follow me out of here.” I haven’t a good lay in months no thanks to Mika. I scan over this thirsty vixens body; it’ll have to do for now. I imagine my hands squeezing her slender throat and her gasping for air. It’s almost too much to take.

“I’m staying at a motel not far from here. Meet me there.” I write down the address eighties style on a damp napkin and stuff it between her ample breasts. I gulp down my coke and rum, slap a few bills on the bar and head out. I need to release some pent up aggression anyway. Tracking Mika has been time consuming. But the rewards will be sweet.

This vixen and I arrive at the same time and we enter my room. What I like most about this room is the full length mirror that’s drilled to the wall. I like watching myself in the nude. She wants me in the buff as well and I can’t blame her. As soon as she unzipped my pants, she went to work. I must say I’ve had better. She’s sloppy so I push her head away and order her to the bed. She crawled around the bed like a cat in heat. I’m going to have to teach her how to behave. “On your knees and face the mirror.” She took her sweet time so I planted a smack right on left cheek. She hissed and giggled. I settle myself between her legs and start to move. Contrary to my belief, she’s tight, probably hasn’t been with a man in a while.

I flip her over and I have her spread eagle. Her alluding of seducing me is faltering in her eyes. But I fill her anyway. There’s no way I’m leaving here unsatisfied. She’s beginning to sound like a squealing boar that’s being gutting. That turns me on even more. How much can she take? She’s trying to fight me off of her. Not a chance, not until I get mine. My hands slide up her throat and instantly tighten. She’s fighting for air, her eyes are bulging from their sockets. Sweet Jesus I’m going to come! My eyes clamp shut as my body violently releases into perfect equilibrium. She kicks me away and I land on my back against soft pillows.

“You’re f*cking crazy!”

“Get dressed and leave.”

“F*ck you, psycho! I’m going to report you to the police.” I spring up from the bed fully naked and lift her up by her throat. She’s flying high now.

“I am the police. Try anything and I’ll bury you. Got it?” She’s grabbing at my arms for me to release her. I apply more pressure and feel myself stiffen again. It felt good to dominate, to inject fear. Tears fall from her blood shot eyes and I’m excited. She understands who I am and what I can do to her. I drop her with a thud as she’s gasping for air. Rubbing her neck she quickly dresses and exits the room. I smirk at myself as I stand in front of the mirror. I am a god. I choose who lives or who dies, who begs for mercy, if I want to extend my mercy. Just you wait Mika, I think while stroking myself, there will be no mercy for the wicked.


I slip out while Mika is still asleep in my bed. It’s been three weeks since I found her in the snow. We’re finally relaxed around each other. I finally heard her laugh and laugh hard, so much so she had me in stitches. She’s infectious. Mika surprised me last night while I was lying next to the fireplace on my back, hands clasped under my head. She joined me, resting her head on my chest. I cradled her beside me and it all felt so natural, her being there, molded close to me. We didn’t utter a word, neither of us had to, we reveled in the moment fate presented to us. There’s definitely chemistry between us and I sense she’s not ready for a physical relationship just yet. Truth be told, I’m not ready yet. There are things that need to be dealt with first. Like the fact she’s still in hiding from her ex, she still hasn’t mourned the loss of her baby and I haven’t decided if I’ll return for combat if called upon. As far as I know, Mika is just passing through to make it to the next stage of her life. I’m out here at the local grocery store early this morning to beat traffic that’s sure to congest the roads. New Year’s is less than twenty-four hours away. Climbing out of my truck, I start towards the store as a man is walking towards me.

“Excuse me sir. Can I have a moment of your time?”

“What can I help you with?”

“I’m looking for someone. She went missing a few months ago. Would you mind taking a look at this picture and tell me if you seen her around? She’s my wife.”

“Sure.” The man hands me the picture and I’m staring back at Mika in a dress. Probably at a cocktail party.

“Can’t say I’ve seen this woman.”

“You sure?”


“Well if you do, my name is Jett and you can reach at me this number.”

He hands me his card and I shove it in my coat pocket. “If I see her, do you want me to tell her you’re looking for her?”

“Nah, just give me a call.”

“Will do.”


Bastard. I can see why Mika or any other woman would be afraid of him just by his size. He has the face of an angel, innocent but underneath he’s a menace. I walk away wanting to rip his throat out and blind him permanently. I know exactly how to dispose of human waste like this guy. For now, I’ll play it cool and wait to see what his next move is. He’s getting to close for comfort and I won’t lose another woman under my watch.


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