One More Chance (5)

Sunshine spilled through Brody’s windows greeting him warmly though a slight chill was in the air. Every weekend he reveled in what he couldn’t do during the weekdays-soak in nature. The trees still wore their green foliage, birds chirped messages back and forth and every now and then he’d spot a rabbit perched at the foot of his step. Standing with hands shoved in his pockets, he knew he’d need to make a trip to Aine. Since Rachel didn’t tell him about her extended stay in the hospital, she probably didn’t tell Aine either. Knowing Aine as he did, she was probably worrying herself sick about her missing apprentice.

Grabbing his wallet and keys, he exited his cabin, piled into his car and headed toward the seamstress. On the way there, it seemed such a pity to be driving. Dogs were at play, children where running around, some playing hopscotch. At at his age, he’d all but forgotten the wistfulness of youthful banter. It’s a shame he hadn’t had a family of his own. Forty-eight wasn’t too late, was it?

Settling in front of the shop, Aine burst from the door to greet him. He hadn’t exited the car before her arms embraced him.


“Brody! It’s great to see ye! What brings you by this early Sunday morning?”

“Ms. Blough.”

“Oh dear, I’ve been worrying myself ill over her! What’ve ye heard of her?”

“She’s been in the hospital. She’s sick. Cancer.”

“Oh no, poor thing!”

“I just found out myself and wanted to inform ye.”

“Thanks Brody. I’ll go see her and give her a good scolding to boot!”

“Be sure to do that. Rachel can be awful stubborn. By the way, does Rachel have any dresses to eye?”

“Now that I think about it, she does. Would ye like to take a gander?”

“Aye. I would.”

Following in step behind Aine, they stepped inside and she quickly pointed to her apprentice’s worktable.  On a mannequin was a soft blue knee length dress accompanied with a shawl. This was no newbies skill, she was getting on great with fashion.

“By the way, how did ye come to know Ms. Blough?”

“Ah. She was a former student of mine. She was quite inquisitive and fun to be around.”

“Oh is that so?”

“Aye. I didn’t know she was still in Glasgow though. She’s told me she was becoming a citizen.”

“Aye. She’s staying with me for the time being.”

“I’m grateful you’re helping her out.”

“By the looks of it, you seem quite fond of her.”

“I am. She’s become a good friend.”

“Just a friend?”

“Ye ken I’m in a relationship with someone,no?”

“Aye. Doesn’t mean ye don’t look. And if ye don’t mind me saying, you can do far better than that Annabelle vixen. She’s trouble I tell ye.”

“I see.”

“Ack! Don’t mind my words.”

“It’s quite alright. Just to be clear, I widnae start another relationship without ending another.”

“Aye.” Aine nodded. There was no fooling her, Brody was longing for someone new and he deserved a good lass.

“I must be going.”

“Thank you for stopping by.”

“Aye. And erase that twinkle from your eyes, you’re making me think I’m doing something wrong.” he kidded.

“Tell Rachel I’ll be seeing her real soon.” she added with a wink.

“I’ll be sure to pass on the message.”


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