Nicholas Sparks Movies

Last night, I took the plunge and watched The Notebook and Nights in Rodanthe. The Notebook wasn’t the sob fest I’d heard about. Yes, it took me nearly a decade to watch these movies because they didn’t look appealing. I bought the book “Nights in Rodanthe” many moons ago and actually enjoyed it. Nights in Rodanthe was not a good movie, nor did I find it romantic. Most of the movie left me rolling my eyes! On what planet do people have sex during a hurricane, and what’s more, they are strangers to one another?! In the end the guy dies and Diane Lane’s character cracks up! Seriously, cracks up! I wasted an hour and a half of my life that I can’t get back! I give this movie 2 1/2 stars only because of the beach and the horses.

The Notebook on the other hand wasn’t bad per se, maybe a bit cheesy. It was a love story that endured until the end. The plot was obvious. I figured out what was going to happen early on but still watched it until the credits began to roll. I felt as if something was missing with this film, it was very hollow, no pulse to it. I was waiting to be moved and I only felt a twinge of warmth when the older characters died together. I was thinking, that it was nice to die next to the one you love. I give this movie 3 stars because it had a beginning, middle and an end. It’s difficult to adapt a book into a movie, so sometimes it’s better not to.


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