Discipline is all about love

Discipline is all about encouraging self-control

Discipline is all about trust

Discipline is all about teaching obedience

Discipline is a journey

The past seven days, I completed a self imposed challenge. That challenge was to write at least two poems a day for seven days. I completed that challenge yesterday. By holding myself accountable, I’ve just reinforced yet again that I’ve no valid excuse not to create. Challenges like this enforce discipline. Knowing I can’t stand to be defeated, it made me more determined to rise to my own challenge. How could I fail something I imposed? I won’t lie, the sixth day was skating by rather voraciously! I’d been helping my mother with her math homework and history assignments. Math alone was a four hour session.

Most if not all writers have a routine they go through. I do my best writing when it’s quiet. Sometimes thats in the morning or late a night. There’s no chugging coffee for me, just pure water or tea. Yes I know, how boring. I write in my bedroom on my bed, with good old-fashioned paper and pencil. I’ve tried writing sitting in front of the computer, but nah, it’s distracting.

How did I come up with these poems? Some times they come from within or my surroundings. Poets have to observe everything around them constantly. We don’t see things in black and white. Some poets put themselves through internal work to produce something good. There are times when ideas, words flow easily, other times, difficult. Out of the sixteen poems I wrote, I feel two aren’t all that great because I was under time constraints to get them done. Not only was the lack of time annoying, I also had to get my mind set in the place of creativity to even listen to what’s going on internally or externally.

What was going through my mind as I was creating? Usually nothing is going through my mind. However, with a few poems I had to stop and think. Either what the title should be or how or if I want certain lines to rhyme. My final poem “밥 (Rice)” came to me when I was in the kitchen asking my sister what my last poem should be about, she replied, “write one about you hating washing dishes.” As you can imagine, that didn’t go over well. I left the kitchen, walked around in circles in my room and went back into the kitchen. I just happened to look over and saw the huge back of rice we purchased at Costco, and thus “밥 (Rice)” was born. Ideas won’t always hit when I’m holed up in my room.

Another poem, “lane” didn’t start with a title. I wrote the poem first then named. It wasn’t easy to think of a title, but I chose to use the name of a man I know. The poem has nothing to do with him, but his name is pretty cool and unusual so I went with it. “Masquerade” was easy to right. My inspiration came from Olivia Pope from the show Scandal. If viewers pay attention to the way Kerry Washington walks, she naturally throws her hips and is rarely slumped over. Olivia portrays strength, quick wit, independence yet a crazy attachment to Fitz. Olivia wears so many masks, not even she knows who she is anymore. So I think this poem fits the character Olivia Pope just fine.

I like all of my creations, but I have favorites. My poem “leave it on the floor” is about a man who’s going to commit suicide because his girlfriend cheated and left him. It’s safe to say men don’t get enough credit for how sensitive they are. They aren’t inconsiderate boneheads all the time! Men do crack up when the woman they’re in love with cheats and leaves them. Some think it’s the end of the world as they know it and don’t know how to properly respond to betrayal.

Out of the Ashes” goes into abuse by family members. At one time or another, we’ve experienced some type of intentional abuse by a family member. With this poem, I pulled from my own family and their actions and words left a huge imprint of my life even though I worked through the majority of abuse. I wouldn’t say the past affects me, or I feel pain from it, but those actions are always at the back to my mind. It’s difficult to forget past traumas. As a matter-of-fact, I’d recommend not forgetting. Why? Because there’s a high possibility that you’ll meet someone just like your mother or father, sister or brother in the future. Not forgetting helps you identify who is and who isn’t a threat to you.

Alive” was fun to write because I’ve never written anything like it. The subject matter about whoredom is new for me. Redemption does round out the poem, but just those few lines about whoredom made the poem somewhat humorous to me. I can’t define the take away you may get for yourself, but I like that no matter how society perceives a person to be, there will always be redemption and someone who will want them, truly for the person they are. We all help shape each other.

I started with the creation I liked the most which was “leave it on the floor”, now I’ll round it out with this poem, “Beat”. This is the opposite of the former. It’s about a man who finds unexpected love as he leaves his front door. We never know who will hit our radar by design, now do we? With all this racial ignorance that continues to perpetuate itself, it’s safe to assume we don’t know anything. Once we understand we don’t know anything, or know what we think we know about someone else’s culture, race, or simply another human being, we’d be better off keeping our thoughts and opinions under lock and key until we put in the time and effort to learn of someone else.


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    • Thank you very much. I put everything I have into creating poems and short stories. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.


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