A New Life Part 6

A car dropped Timothy off in front of his home then disappeared down the brightly lit street. Staring at his gated home, dimly lit just enough to make out the path to his front door. Letting himself inside, he sauntered through the living room into the kitchen, dropped his keys on the island, and hoisted his body in a chair with his head hung low. He couldn’t believe the sudden turn of events, and the accusations that had been thrown his way. They weren’t accusations at all, he realized, it was the unadulterated truth. Timothy never meant to make his daughter’s life difficult. He was immediately knocked out of his self-deprecating thoughts by his wife and daughter’s voices.
“Hey dad, we heard you come in.” Monique stated.
“What are you and Yvette doing here?”
“We came to keep mom company while you were away.” Monique replied.
“It’s good to have you home again.” Leigha chimed in. “You said you were going to bring Jillian back, where is she?” When he didn’t answer, she eyed her husbands face and could tell something was amiss. “What did Jillian do this time? That girl never follows directions.”
“No! You and I both know that girl-“
“Leigha!” he cut in, “Just stop! Just…stop.” he replied wearily.
“What’s wrong with you dad?” Yvette chimed in.
He huffed and answered “Jillian told me that she wasn’t coming back to L.A.”
“Well good.” Monique said proudly.
“Excuse me?!” Leigha and Timothy exclaimed in unison.
“I said good.” she repeated. “She’s not family anyway.”
“How can you say such a thing?” Leigha asked astonished.
“Outsiders need to know their place. You said this mother.”
“I’ve never said any such thing!”
“I overheard you talking to one of your friends over the phone about Jillian. You were complaining about her not living up to the Shea standards. You clearly said that Jillian was adopted.”
Leigha stood there convicted by her own words. She had no idea anyone was around when she said those things. She was just blowing off hot air at the time.
“Jillian is your sister. No matter what you heard me say, she’s still your sister.”
“You can’t take back the truth mother. She’s an embarrassment to this family and it’d be better if she stayed away.”
“Mind your tongue Yvette!”
“Why should I?! We all know you both played favorites. You didn’t think Monique and I noticed it? You casted her off to the side, the Shea name can not be blemished by the likes of her.”
Leigha and Timothy were paralyzed with shock. What have they done?! How could they not have seen what their actions were doing? As much as he hated to admit it, the truth was a bitter pill to swallow, they had mistreated her, but not intentionally. Over time Jillian became too much to deal handle, she was too demanding. No, it wasn’t her fault, it was theirs. They tried to change who she was, tried to mould her into the Shea image. It was true, he tried to keep Jillian under his thump, to keep an eye on her at the company, just long enough for her to find some stability. The simple things he asked her to do, she failed at. What else was he to do with her, leave her unemployed? It wouldn’t look good for the Shea image.
It seems he had pushed too hard and too far. Now she didn’t want to come back.

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