What I’ve Learned in 2015

What I’ve learned most in 2015 was to love like there’s no tomorrow. It didn’t matter if I looked or felt foolish for expressing myself; I did it anyway. One never knows how long a friend, family member, or simple acquaintance will be around, so we should cherish them like we’ve never before. I tell people, even my professors that I love and respect them! That I’m glad that I had the opportunity to cross their path and bring some sunshine and laughter into their lives.

I’ve also learned that I’m still impatient with foolishness as ever. I’m not sure I’ll fully come to terms with the foolishness of this world. Some things are so simple to fix. Race isn’t that big a deal but people just feel the need to start a race war. Why? Possibly out of boredom? Maybe these people aren’t a peace with themselves and don’t want others to be as well. You know the saying misery loves company?

I’ve learned to be happy. It’s a conscious choice. I’m not saying I don’t have bad days, we all do, but I’m talking happy from an overall view. I’ve become more outspoken and I’m not sure when that happened. I’m naturally a quiet person but talk crazy about someone that I know, someone that I hold close to my heart, I will set any misunderstanding straight!

Taking my health seriously this year has been interesting. I’ve lost a good amount of weight and I know I can keep if off if I control my food intake. Life is real and I don’t want to spend it being constantly sick because I can control my cravings.

I hope 2016 brings more growth and definitely patience! I really hope to see you all’s blogging up and running in 2016. So stay safe tonight.



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