My Worst “Date”!

I’m sure most of us have experienced a bad date. The last date that I’ve had the displeasure be be apart of was roughly sometime in 2007! Yep, it’s been that long folks. The man who I was in a relationship with got an idea to take me out. I’m thinking, finally, I’m going to be romanced. He’s shows up at my place and of course I’m dolled up. So, he’s driving along and fifteen minutes or so later, we drive up to the Kansas City Zoo! Imagine if you will, how stunned I was. I literally sat up in the seat and stared outside of the windshield. Now is going to the zoo a bad thing? Not at all. But not on the first date! If he knew my likes and dislikes, he would have known the zoo wouldn’t have been my first choice. Visiting a museum would have been way better. So, I slowly crawl out of the car and walk very slowly towards the building. We go in and I wander around, puzzled. I used my rich and luxurious Bath & Body wash and lotion only to end up at a zoo! To top it all off we stayed no more than twenty minutes and he had the nerve to ask me if I liked it. Now, I remember what my mother told me when I was growing up, and that’s, if a man comes up with an idea on his own to take you out somewhere, be grateful. So what did I do? I plastered a smile on my face and nodded. We’re on the road again and I’m thinking maybe, just maybe he’s planned lunch. Nope. We ended up parked in front of a motel. Again, I sit up in my seat and stared through the windshield, then turned my head and looked at him looking at me. He gave me this knowing look. I said “What do you think is getting ready to happen?”  He replies, “I just want to rest before I take you home.” I say, “Okay. I’ll wait in the car.”  At this point, I’m very unhappy. I was taken to a zoo, starved and he wanted me to put out?! The date couldn’t get any worse than that. He went home very unsatisfied and I wasted my Bath & Body products for an inconsiderate jerk! Do you know how much those products cost?! I bought them full price!


2 thoughts on “My Worst “Date”!

    • I would have thought he’d been on a couple of dates since we had a 19 year difference between us. Funny, the zebra comment. 🙂 I can tell he definitely had one thing on his mind.


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