Just Happy To Be Alive

I’ve received compliments for the past three weeks about my appearance. I’ve been working out and I’m seeing results but what’s odd is people look at me differently. It’s different being somewhat on the other side of the spectrum. I’ve lost 5  pounds recently, which is not a huge number, but it certainly has made a difference in my confidence. This is also not to say I’ve been down on myself because of my appearance. I think I’m okay looking but I’m still me even starting from 260 lbs to 226 lbs. I’m not sure how folks lose their minds and begin dressing provocatively just because they lost some weight. I think it’s good to stay humble, and try to keep a healthy balance in our overall life. I still have more weight to lose and I hope those of you that are fighting for good health and wellness find it in a safe manner. Keep up the fine work ladies and gentlemen! We are going to meet all of our goals, it’s just going to take time. Now, I’m off to get my workout in.


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