R.I.P To Another Pair of Jeans

I’ve been really thinking, skirts and dresses are the way to go for me. This is the second pair of jeans that I’ve lost. My previous pair rubbed in the same spot as my current ones. Hmmm, I think they are trying to tell me something. Here’s the thing, I workout and that’s most likely the problem. It seems the more time I put into working out, my pants get tighter. That shouldn’t happen, they should be getting looser!! My body is a weird contraption. I was thinking maybe I had gained my weight back, so I slipped into a pair of dress pants, and what do you know, I’ve lost more weight. I have more room than the last time I pulled them on, so you’d think jeans wouldn’t be a problem. I’ve heard fitness instructors say that women don’t bulk up if they lift weights, but my body proves them wrong. I even stretch after a hard workout! I wish I could figure out the science in how my body operates. I have huge calves, pretty big thighs, and I’m 5’10. As much as I admire Serena Williams’ physique, I don’t want to look exactly like her, which is where I’m heading. Is it just me who have issues with their jeans wearing in the same place?


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