Behavior In American Schools

I’m a subscriber to Red Dragon Diaries on YouTube, and Tom brought up some good points about American schools. From middle school all the way up to college has been a major let down for me. The college that I attend, if it did exist, could be called the 13th grade. It’s amazing that there really is no difference except college students pay for their classes and choose what times they want to attend their classes. The behavior displayed by adults is incredibly sad. Gone are the days when teachers were respected. Not only that, many students back talk their professors, give them attitude because they are required to complete and hand in an assignment on time, and have mercy, don’t let it be an essay! It seems to me that many parents didn’t do their jobs because the atrocities that’s on display is staggering. Adults clearly need their hands held and coddled, which is amazing in itself. There have been cases when a student stabbed a Dean, almost killing the person. Who really has the right to go around hurting someone because of something that “offended” them? I do see a lot of touchy people wherever I go, and it’s difficult to express and opinion or set a boundary without someone trying to challenge you on it. Professors don’t know everything in their field, they are forever a student, but students know even less, which means that we should listen critically, and ask questions if we don’t understand. I can’t tell you the many times a student’s cell phone went off in class, or how student’s talk over the professor, the list goes on and on.

I’m a firm believer that government should be used as a last resort. Again, chronic misbehavior falls on the parents. There is no way even at my age of 31 would I ever disrespect a professor let alone an elder. My mother and I attend the same college, and not long ago, someone stopped her in the hall and asked if she had a daughter who also attends college there, she said yes, and they asked if her daughter’s name was Angela, she said yes. That student told my mother that I was well-mannered, nice, and always willing to help. That made my mother look like the mother of the year! I keep telling people, you never know who is watching so it’s best to mind your conduct. My mother did her job with me, and it’s embarrassing for a parent to have to know, or see their adult child acting as if he or she didn’t receive home training.

American schools have been in a rut a long time. I’d previously had a conversation with a professor about the behavior of students, and I said that ALL professors need to have the same standards. Why? Because if a student can get away with something in another professor’s lecture, then he or she thinks that it’s acceptable in another professors class. One of the problems that I see is lack of standards on the Deans and some of the professors behalf. As much as they are not there to babysit adults, they still must show that they won’t be pushed around, thus enforce consequences. Some say it’s easier to look the other way and not make a big deal in fear of a violent outburst. I get that, but what message are they sending?

I know some say it’s a complicated, near impossible problem that can’t be fixed. I disagree. There is no human being on the planet that is of a certain age that doesn’t know right from wrong. I say find a standard, set it, and keep it, enforce consequences. Students aren’t stupid by a long shot, they’ll just keep repeating the same thing until someone hems them up. In short, teachers should make students respect them. Those are the people who we remember most. The student may not like the professor but they certainly do respect them in the end. That’s another thing I see, professors, Deans trying to be friends with students, it almost never works, lines often get blurred, and next they know, the student thinks of them as a drinking buddy.

To get the American school system back in line starts with the parents. They need to raise their children, stop letting government, and television download foolishness into their child’s mind. Keeping a good lookout with who their child is surrounding his or herself with, and so what if the child gets angry, they don’t pay any bills, nor do they buy groceries, so until then, have and keep rule over your homes, parents! Kids don’t know what they don’t know until they know that they don’t know. It happens to every child that has, is and will be. Sometimes keeping things old school is the best way to parent.


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