A Blank Canvas

I’m not one to follow a lot of media, but I came across an article that shows Tyra Banks barefaced. Here is the link. www.yahoo.com/beauty/tyra-banks-goes-makeup-free-you-deserve-to-see-121775259918.html

What I want to say is, my mother sat us (my sisters) down and explained to us about this thing called make-up. She’d always say, our faces is not a canvas so keep it clean, take care of it. She never allowed us to wear make-up when we were kids nor did she use it herself. Mom especially hates it when women wear fire engine red lipstick who have big lips, she’d say they look like the behind of a baboons butt. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that, though if a woman is going to wear make-up, make it look natural. I tried make-up twice once because I was curious at how I would look and the last time I was forced into it by my cousin when I was going to prom. I didn’t like the way it made my skin feel. I felt as if I were wearing a mask. Though I don’t wear make-up one because it costs too much and two, I don’t need it, I’ve never been insulted for not wearing make-up, it’s been the opposite actually. Men compliment me on a regular basis, so no need to wear a false face. It would be great if women (some) would at least have confidence with what God endowed them with. I’ve seen far too many women that are beautiful, cake their faces with layers and layers of make-up. I’m making a wild assumption here, but make-up was intended to help accentuate our beauty not cover it. It’s okay not to wear make-up, it’s not is all end all, it’s not what defines you. But this is coming from a Plain Jane, you don’t have to take my word for it.


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