Finders Keepers Part 5

Later that afternoon Angelina headed to the law firm to check if there was anything her boss, Peter Shullman needed. Luckily for her there weren’t any immediate cases that needed attention. With that she waved goodbye to Mr. Shullman, then headed to a local farmer’s market to pick out tonight’s dinner. Angelina had gotten everything she needed and ended up making more stops to various places. Once she made it back home around  six, she started the prepare work on her fresh vegetables for salad, then scored, seasoned, and placed a dollop of butter in foil with two medium-sized baked potatoes. She then rinsed and patted dry two steaks, seasoned, and lined the steak with foil and set them back in the refrigerator until she was ready to broil them.
After washing her hands, Angelina headed to the bathroom to look herself over. She fiddled with her raise, lifting it up here and there striking a models pose. Ruffling her hair, she blew out a breath and stood square in the mirror to really look at herself. In that moment her red hair reminded her of all the crazy things she used to do as a child and a teenager to get people to pay attention to her. It seems unconsciously that she was still expressing herself in that way. When she was an adolescent, Angelina had died her hair every color up under the sun. Her mother Linda Pavilon always told her that she’d inherited her wild, unbridled, sassy personality not from her but her grandmother who was known as Coco. Angelina remembered grandma Coco very well. Even into her later years grandma Coco was always on the move, she’d wooed every man who passed her vision, even the young ones as well. Grandma Coco always knew how to brighten up a scene; she was the sun in everyone’s life who’d met her. Grandma always said what came to her mind right or wrong, and Angelina remembered she laughed herself senseless. It seemed she really did inherit her personality from her grandma. That wasn’t such a bad thing, right?
Angelina’s eyes answered the question for her. There was nothing wrong with her, but she’d always wanted people to accept her for who was and it seems that need hadn’t changed. She’ll always remember what her school mates, college mates, and certain family members said about her, that she’d never turn out to be anything, that she wasn’t cut out to be anyone great, that she’d just live an average life just like everyone else in the Pavilon family. Some had said don’t expect more but less, the Pavilon family let’s other do what we can’t do. She’d spent her whole life beating against that wall, the she wasn’t good enough. But at grandma Coco’s request before she died, she told Angelina that she had what it took to become someone who would change the lives of many. She said not to listen to all those nay sayers, that she was her granddaughter, and with just one smile, she could change the course of someone day. She’d been those things to a lot of people, even when she got so much flack from the people from the law firm. Some of them was just waiting on her to fail, they whispered behind her back that she didn’t get to where she was by herself, and that she was just waiting to take over the firm when Peter Shullman died. How could someone ever say or even think such a thing about her? Angelina loved contributing to catching the bad guys, that’s all she was interested in, and not sending the wrong people to jail. Angelina dropped her head for a beat, then stood erect with her head held high, and shoulders back. She wasn’t going to fail in her endeavor to implement justice where it was needed.
After her mental pep talk, she headed back into the kitchen to start dinner as her mind fell on Luke. Maybe she ought to rethink her tactics pursuing him. Maybe tonight they should just talk, get to know one another. When she’d first saw him, she hadn’t initially noticed the scars on his face until he pointed them out back at the police station. She’d thought Luke was a good person, maybe a little stubborn, but a good person. Then a sudden knock came at the front door that thrown her from her thoughts. Glancing over at the clock, it’d read nine o’clock on the dot. He was good. Angelina shimmied over to the door, peeked out and asked who it was.
“You better open this door woman.”
“I don’t want any.” she giggled.
Him saying her name struck her. It was the first time she heard him say her name.
“I’ll let you in if you call me Angel.”
Only silence was found on the other side.
“Open the door, or I’ll kick it off the hinges.”
Angelina unlocked the door only enough to peek out and up at him. All he saw was one eye peering out at him. This woman was clearly in a playful mood. She then swung the door open and unlocked the screen. When he entered, he locked the door behind him and watching her scamper to the kitchen to check on dinner.
“Dinner’s just finished cooking. You have good timing.”
“That’s what I hear.”
“Have a seat, I’ll serve us.”
Luke peeled his bomber jacket from his tall, slender frame and tossed it on the couch. Walking back to the kitchen, he leaned against the mouth of the entrance to watch her flit about preparing their plates. Angelina looked like the perfect wife he envisioned when he was in his mid twenties. How could it be that she was in such high spirits when their paths crossed? All he knew was that he couldn’t get used to someone like her, it’d kill him. All he wanted and could handle was just one night of pure sex.
Angelina placed their plates on the table and motioned for him to sit down. “I hope you like steak, baked potatoes, and salad. You didn’t tell me what you wanted so…”
“This is fine.”
They dug into their meal and ate in silence the whole way through, right up until she washed the last dish.
“So was everything to your liking?”
A big smile animated her face as she pumped her arms up and down three times. She raised her arms up and said “Touchdown!”
Luke grinned then stood in front of her.
“Where’s your bedroom?”
“Huh? Oh, oh it’s just to the left after you round the corner there.” she pointed.
Luke grabbed Angelina by the wrist and drug her to the back.
“Wait, what are you doing?”
“We both know how this night is going to end.”
Luke kissed off any protest she had and backed her up against she wall. Before she knew it she was missing her blue jeans, and her buttoned shirt was half undone. They’d ended up on her bed, her head rested on her over sized white pillow. “Luke.”
“Not now.” he groaned.
“But we need to talk.”
“Not now.” he growled at her.
He kissed her again, his tongue sliding in between her lips. She moaned and tried to keep from slipping into ecstasy. Angelina brought her hand up to the scarred side of his face and he jerked back as if someone had just slapped him. He knocked her hand away and continued to kiss a trail from her breasts down to her naval. He came back up and kissed and nipped at her neck when he felt her hand caress the scarred side of his face. “What are you doing?!” he snapped at her.
“I told you I want to talk.”
“Why are you doing this? This is the perfect time to get what we want. There’s nothing to interrupt us.”
“I understand that, but I just need to be upfront with you about something.”
“What is it?” he bit off in frustration.
“Luke, I like you. I really like you. And if you let me accept you, I could be the big sun in your life. I could love just as much as you need me to.”
His heart slammed against his chest as he pushed himself up from her.
“I don’t want or need you to love or accept me. You’re not going to ruin me.”
“What? I have no intention of trying to hurt you.”
“Good because you won’t ever get the chance to.”
Angelina pushed up from the bed and reached out to take him by the hand but he slapped her hand away. He high tailed it out of there and left her standing in wonder of what just happened.

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