Finders Keepers Part 1

Right off this man that was clad in fitted black jeans, a body hugging tee and bomber jacket caught her eye, and in more ways than one. Yes, the first thing she noticed was his body but the most intriguing thing was his face, well at least half of it. Most women would either stare or be repulsed by him, but not Angelina. She’d always clung to the down trodden and injured type.
Yes, she certainly found this man interesting enough to harass and as soon as she made her way closer to him that was exactly what she’d do. If she moved quickly enough to put her bags in the car, she wouldn’t miss him. Sure enough as she placed her bags in the back seat her phone rang, and on top of that she tried flagging the man down.
“Hey, hey you!” she called out to grab his attention.
“What?” the caller said in uncertainty.
“Not you. I’ll call you back.”
“Hey!” she yelled at the man’s back. “Don’t you hear me calling you?”
Still the man kept walking and that only prompted her to run him down on foot. Once she caught up to him she planted herself firmly in front of him with her finger jabbing into his chest.
“Are you ignoring me?”
“Who are you?”
“Depends on who you want me to be.” she said as a big grin formed over her face.
“Look lady I don’t have time for your games.”
“Who said I was playing a game?”
He tried to push pass this crazy woman but every move he made, she matched and blocked his going.
“What’s your name?”
“Are you crazy or something?”
“Do I look crazy to you?” she looked at him in question but when she looked his expression she retracted her last question. “Don’t answer that.”
“I have somewhere to be, so if you’ll excuse me.”
Angelina let him pass long enough to watch him make out his truck then immediately stood in the middle of the street as to not let him pass. He blew his horn at her to get her to move back on the sidewalk. He honked again, and Angelina spun around to see who he was honking at. Nope she didn’t see any cars so she turned around his direction and pointed at herself in question then smiled because she knew she was working his nerves.
He’d had enough of waiting for this woman to move so he drove into the wrong lane to get around her, and then looked into his rear-view mirror only to spot the woman running to her car.
“She has to be out of her mind.” he caught himself laughing in disbelief. The next image in his rear-view mirror was a red sports car tailing him. He laughed again and shook his head. When he sobered up, a thought came to his mind, he certainly couldn’t remember the last time he’d actually laughed.
When he reached his destination, he parked on a side street, exited his truck and started to climb the stairs to the police station. Not too far behind him was the crazy woman that had been following him.
“So this is where you work?” He kept his pace and didn’t so much as turn her direction. “I’ll just keep following you if you don’t answer me.”
Since she wanted an answer so bad he gave her one but not the one she was expecting.
“I can arrest you for harassment.”
“That’s fine. It’ll just give me more time with you while you fingerprint me.” she said matter-of-factly with her arms crossed over her chest.
His lips threatened a smile, and if he broke it’d give her more of an incentive to keep at him.
“You can call me Angel.”
Angelina certainly earned a smile from him. He realized it’d just be better to answer her and get this over with.
“Look Miss-.”
“I’m not calling you that. You do realize you’re keeping me from my work?”
“There’s a remedy for everything, take me to your office and we’ll converse there. You can put half of your attention in your work and the rest on me.” with that said she smiled as bright as the sunshine and skipped two steps at a time until she reached the door to the police station. “Hey are you coming?! You’re so slow.” Angelina pulled the door open and inspected the premises, desks where stationed everywhere and there were a lot of paper shuffling, and there was a cop that eyed her but walked by with his coffee. Angelina felt a large hand cup her shoulder and found herself staring up at the man she’d been harassing for the past hour. “Does anyone know his name!?” she blurted out. Everyone stopped what they were doing and just stared at her. “No, no one?” she asked then turned around to look up at the stranger. “Looks like no one knows you. How can you work with people who don’t know you?”
He put his hand over her mouth and pushed her along. “Don’t mind her, go back to what you were doing.”
Once they made it in his office, he shut the door behind him and firmly pushed his crazy stalker into a chair in front of his desk.
“Are you always this rough with women?”
“No just you. You look like you can handle it.” He finally rounded his desk and sat comfortably in his swivel chair staring at her. This woman looked no more than five feet five with flaming red hair which couldn’t have been her natural hair color and to top it all off her black jeans had two big holes at the knees, steel-toe boots and a fishnet top over a camisole. The only thing that was missing was a spiked collar latched around her throat.
“Why are you staring so hard?”
“Women that look like you never hit on me. Is this a setup?”
“What! You have to be kidding me, right? Why would I pass up someone that I find appealing?”
“Lady you need your eyes checked. There’s nothing appealing about me in case you haven’t noticed.” he said pointing to the right side of his face.
“Beauty is only skin deep.” As Angelina sat she skimmed his office over and her eyes finally fell on his name plate.
“Mr. Bishop, huh?”
“Detective Bishop to you.”
“Am I under investigation?” she planted her hands in the classic pose of arrest and smiled back at him. “Lighten up, copper. How about I get to my point of harassment, yes?”
“Please do.”
“Let’s go on a date. I’ll even cook since I’m so awesome at it.”
“I don’t think so.”
“Did you just turn me down?”
“Seems so.” He sat back in his chair and watched her face, and by the looks of it she’d just come up with a new tactic.
“How can you just turn me down so easily? I’m a stunner in case you hadn’t noticed.” Not even she could keep a straight face with her last comment and neither could he. “I can fix anything you want. You’d be missing out on all I have to offer if you say no.”
“I already said no.”
“I like the way my life is. Uncomplicated.”
“Seems to me you don’t have a life. Looks like all you have is your work. You know come to think of it, I think you’re hiding behind your work so you won’t get rejected by someone you might become interested in.”
He tensed a bit. “I’m not interested in anyone so I don’t have any worries in that area.”
“You’re intrigued by me, so why don’t you just give in to my demands? It’ll be a lot easier for you.”
“And what if I don’t?”
“Now that I know where you work, I’ll just keep coming back.” she added as she stood up. “So here’s how its going to go, there’s an open park on Bunker & Main, you’ll find me at a nearby picnic table with everything ready for dinner. Be there by seven on the dot. Got it? Good.”
As Luke watched her go, he sat in a stunned state, there wasn’t ever a time when any woman spoke to him in the way Angelina did. Yes he’d show up alright, to get things straight between the two of them, or so he’d thought.

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