True Love Exists

I’ve had the most eventful and grateful evening out than I’ve had in a good while. I went to a restaurant in which I invited those that I’m close to. We had lunch, talked, and joked. After that, I we went to see The Longest Ride. I think Nicholas Sparks is a good writer, I even own some of his books, though this is the first movie that I’ve seen adapted. The movie is about a bull rider who falls for a college student, who then saves an old man Ira from his burning car. The story progresses as Ira, (Alan Alda) gets the opportunity for Sophia, (Britt Robertson) to read his old love letters to his wife Ruth (Oona Chaplin) back to him because he can no longer see well even with his glasses. Ira and Ruth loved and lived hard, sacrificed, and their love endured but not without their problems. Ira became sort of a compass for Sophia and Luke (Scott Eastwood). What I enjoyed about this movie is that the characters felt real. I was quite emotional then laughed simultaneously throughout the movie. The Longest Ride renewed my faith that true love exists, that I just have to be patient and continue living my life. I seems as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more emotional. Everything is shifting in its proper place, life has taken on a new meaning, and I’ve figured out what’s most important to me. This movie just reminded me I’m on the right path. Funny how a movie reflects your life back at you when you least expect it. Did I mention Scott Eastwood favors his father? He has Clint’s squinty eyes and facial structure. He’s a good-looking guy and his acting is good. He’s believable and likable. I’m still soaring over the movie. I needed something fresh this weekend, especially to take my mind off the fact I have a Chemistry test this coming Monday! True love still exists, I just have to be patient and wait my turn.


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