Another Milestone to Cross Off

Good morning to all you in the blogging universe! It certainly is a bright morning for me. While on my way to campus via public transportation, IMG_20150327_081536I went into recounting my time at college. It’s amazing how slow I thought it was going, and here I am, one semester away from graduating. Time sure has flown by. Sometimes I catch myself saying wow, I can’t believe I took this journey. After this, I’m off to University to begin my BA/BFA is Creative Writing. The only reason I’m attempting this next level is to become a better writer, to really dig into different styles of writing. If I’m not overwhelmed at University, I’ll most likely work on a project that I haven’t had time to get back to in a while. I think it would be nice to release a book while I’m in school for the purposes of paying my way through college. I’m trying to find my way around having to take out loans.

For now, I’m focusing on what makes me happy. What I’m writhing in anticipation in, is my birthday. It’s in two weeks. I haven’t celebrated my birthday in 10 years. I’ve decided to dedicate the remainder of my thirties to trying new things, going new places, just getting out of my comfort zone. I’ve invited a few people that I love and cherish to come out with me and enjoy that day. We are going to have lunch then head off to a movie. When I get home, I’ll probably take a walk around the trail that isn’t too far from my house. I may even play with my neighbors Huskies. They are adorable.HUSKIESIMG_20150311_150529IMG_20150311_150507


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