Even though it was freaking cold this morning, I’ve had a wonderful day. I have this former instructor that just brings a smile to my face every time I see him. It’s always like that. I’m just so happy and grateful to see him.

Have you ever paid attention to the smell of fallen, dried leaves? It’s a very pungent smell, almost spice like. It’s just a reminder that Autumn has died out and the biting cold of Winter is well on its way. Pretty soon everything will be a Winter Wonderland. Or as I like to call it, hell on Earth. I can’t stand the snow or the biting cold! Once it was so cold, I was crying involuntarily. But I suppose the only good thing that comes with snow and crippling, lashing, cold is extra days out of school.


For now, we still have dying leaves. Even in death there is something to smile about. All death is not bad. All death is not everlasting. So, happy I will be even in the harshest elements.


Do you know what I realized not too long ago? That I am actually pretty! What!? I know, right. Where have I been? I used to dislike my lips but they are a lovely asset when smooching a man. I think they fit my face, no? I constantly have to moisturize these suckers. Okay I’ve gone to far. Any who, I just wanted to post something today. Most of what I’ve written is random and scrambled. It’s my blog, and I can do what I want.



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