Journal Entry #15


9:49 PM

Well, I conquered what I set out to do, which was to write from October 16th until the end of this month. I didn’t start posting until the 18th, but it still counts since I started writing on the 16th. I made this goal because I seem to make excuses for why “I can’t write”. This was a way of holding myself accountable for my actions, or inactions. I may as well get into the groove of things since I plan to become an author. Ah…I was called a writer by a former English teacher earlier this week. A writer! Not “she’s working on becoming a writer” a real writer. I’m not one for labels but perhaps I should just allow myself the luxury of calling myself a writer, a poet even. It’s a scary title if you can’t live up to it.

In other news, I’ve completed my workout for the night. I’ve been taking special care of myself this month. I want to look and feel good. Consistency is key which I’m learning everyday, although it’s good to take a break to allow the body to rest…but not too long.

Lastly, I’m wondering what else I could come up with to make my blog more people friendly, or lively. I guess I’m going to have to keep living and experiencing, feeling, tasting.

Please be safe tonight, and I hope to see you all tomorrow. Be at peace my friends.


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